How to Use a Splitboard?

Splitboarding is one of the excellent ways you can use to tour the backcountry. While you will enjoy the serene and meditative surroundings, using a split board for backcountry riding can be terrifying to get in. That is why it is crucial to ensure that you have the right tools and know-how to use them.

If you are new into this, you need to know that split board is the same as a snowboard that is divided into ski-like sections that are utilized with ascending skins to climb slopes in a similar way alpine exploring or telemark skis are. If you are just out to enjoy your time and have a split board but don’t know how to use it, here is how to use a split board.

Take away the bindings

The first step into using a split board is taking away the bindings on it. How are you doing to do this? You can do it by taking away the supporting pin, slipping the bindings to the off the plates and also off the board. Once you do this, this result is a board without bindings that is all set for two splits.

Unhook the fasteners at the tail and nose

Doing this will help you split the board and it will be apart. The result of this is two planks, the long middle turns out to be the external edge of the skis. This is because it provides an extra edge to handle it. 

Fix the bindings to the skis

The next thing you should do is to fix the bindings to the skis. Place your bindings in an uphill position, across the ski and fix the toe end using the supporting pin. This will make the heel down and up while you walk. Risers beneath the binding assist on the steep areas. 

Draw your climbing skins apart

After that, you now need to grab your climbing skins from the bag and separate them. Keep in mind that the glue might be extremely strong and therefore, you need to force everything. Clip the fore area of that skin. It should be on the ski’s nose. While being careful, arrange the skins to the skis. The next thing is to tap down firmly specifically at its tail. 

Get some poles

Now that you have done all the above, you have two skis for climbing the mountain. Ensure that before you go you get some poles Try and adjust them to fit your height. You are now ready, get your pack ready for the climbing. At this point, it could be good if you overlook some layers because you will fast warm-up and it’s good to be prepared.


Having fun is the best thing you can give yourself. Nothing is as good as having a good time after a stressful session at work. If you have not been going split boarding because you didn’t know how to use a split board, there is nothing to go hold you back. Go out try one right away.